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  1. To purchase BIG Points during the online redemption booking process for purchase of various merchant products and/or services at BIGLIFE SDN BHD (Co. No. 201001040731 (924656-U)) ("BL") website or mobile app, a BIG Member must have a minimum of 125 BIG Points remaining in his or her BIG Membership account to purchase the additional BIG Points required via cash top-up for redemption of relevant product and/or services offered by the respective merchant.BIG Points will not be awarded for purchases made or redeemed with any promotional codes or vouchers.

  2. BIG Points can only be purchased and used against the redemption of products and/or services offered by merchants and the relevant BIG Points must be utilized immediately for the respective product and/or services. BIG Points purchased cannot be used to pay for other rewards or products offered on BL website and mobile app or converted to cash.

  3. Every redemption of products and/or services through BIG Points top-up can only be completed and redeemed through BL platform i.e. BL’s website and/or BL’s mobile application. In the event of failure to complete the relevant transaction including incomplete payment to complete such redemption, a reversal of transaction will be made within thirty (30) minutes and BIG Points used for such failed transaction shall be refunded to the BIG Member’s account accordingly. BL nor the respective merchant will be able to assist on any attempts to complete any incomplete redemption of the respective merchant outside BL’s platform as aforementioned herein and such impending redemption will be cancelled without any further notice to the relevant BIG Member.

  4. BIG Points can only be purchased using a 3D secure payment mode.

  5. BIG Points purchased as part of top-up and redemption of product and/or services with all merchants within  BL platform as stated herein are subjected to a non-refundable top-up fee, that includes a service fee which is based on the value of the product and/or services redeemed and as determined by BL at the time of redemption.

  6. The product and/or services redeemed pursuant to top-up of BIG Points via cash are subject to merchant’s terms and conditions of usage including their respective refund policy (in the event of cancellation and/or non-deliverable of the respective product and/or service) as stated therein and the BIG Rewards Membership terms and conditions.

  7. BL reserves the right to change the price of BIG Points including the relevant top-up fee charged, impose additional restrictions on purchasing BIG Points and/or conditions of obtaining BIG Points at any time.

  8. A BIG Member may not sell his or her BIG Points for cash or other consideration and a BIG Member may not purchase BIG Points from a third party. In such an event, any product and/or service bought, sold or bartered by or to a BIG Member may be cancelled or confiscated without prior notice in the sole discretion of BL. All rights, including the right to bring legal action or to cancel a membership, are also reserved.

  9. BIG Points required to redeem is strictly subject to availability. The number of BIG Points required to redeem products and/or services may change at any time until such redemption is confirmed and BIG Points have been successfully deducted as payment for the redeemed item. 

  10. Products and/or services redeemed using BIG Points and cash top-up cannot be cancelled or changed to anyone else.

  11. BIG Points shall be deducted from the BIG Member’s account at the time of redemption immediately.

  12. BIG Points do not have any monetary value and cannot be converted to cash. They cannot be sold, transferred or exchanged other than in accordance with BIG Rewards Membership terms and conditions. The price for BIG Points top up does not represent a monetary value for BIG Points.

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Last Updated on 10 February 2021