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By participating under this program for the redemption on Presto Products (“PrestoPay”) , you are deemed to have accepted and agreed to these Terms and Conditions of BL (and any additional terms and conditions stipulated by BL from time to time) which are legally binding.


BIG Points as a form of payment at Presto App


1. The option to use BIG Points as a form of payment for PrestoPay is only available for BIG Members (having subscribed and registered for membership under the loyalty program operated by BIGLIFE SDN.BHD.  (“BL”) under the name “BIG Loyalty” and have a unique registration number known as the “BIG Member ID” issued by BL at the point of purchase on PrestoPay.


2. Any deduction of BIG Points as a form of payment is only available at a minimum knock-off rate of 125 BIG Points for every RM1 used (“Rate”) for usage on PrestoPay.


3. The Rate of BIG Points is subject to change and BL reserves the right to determine and revise the Rate of BIG Points, impose additional restrictions and/or conditions in using the BIG Points as a form of payment from time to time at its sole and absolute discretion, and all such decisions by BL shall be deemed final and conclusive and BL will not entertain any complaint or dissatisfaction in relation thereto.


4. Once purchased, BIG Members shall direct all queries, products or services related issues with respect to Presto and/or its respective merchants and BL is not responsible for the actual products or services redeemed/purchased by BIG Member or the fulfilment thereof. The program does not constitute and should not be regarded as a recommendation or endorsement by BL of (the quality, service level or rating of) any product or service listed, offered or sold in Presto app. BL hereby expressly disclaims any representation, warranty or undertaking in relation to the quality, fitness, merchantability, suitability, status or adequacy of any product or service listed in Presto’s app and/or sold by Presto Group.


5. Once a purchase has been made using BIG Points as form of payment, no refund of BIG Points is allowed, and any refund is strictly subjected to Presto’s refund policy as applicable.


6. For every purchase on PrestoPay, BIG Points as form of payment is available up to a maximum of fifty per cent (50%) of BIG Member’s BIG Points balance under his or her BIG Loyalty account or up to five thousand (5,000) BIG Points, whichever is lower.

7. In the event of complete knock off of the full price of products and/or services redeemed by BIG Member as form of payment through PrestoPay, the conversion of the full price to BIG Points shall be rounded up where applicable.

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Last Updated on 27 May 2020