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Get 2,888 BIG Points when you open Rakuten Trade accounts.

For the first time, trading on Bursa Malaysia can be done completely online!   Rakuten Trade is Malaysia’s first completely online equities broker offering innovative digital investment opportunities to investors keen to trade on Bursa Malaysia. AirAsia BIG is a proud reward partner of Raku...

  • We have some great news! AirAsia BIG and Rakuten Trade have teamed up to reward you with 2,888 BIG Points when you successfully sign up for Rakuten Trade COMBO* trading account!!

    Since you’re already flying with AirAsia or a fan of AirAsia Group... Why don’t you explore being part owner in AirAsia Berhad, AirAsia X Berhad or Tune Protect Group? You can easily do so when you BUY shares in those companies.

    It’s Super EASY!

    Why choose Rakuten Trade?

    1.       Easily earn BIG Points whenever you engage with their platform.

    2.       AirAsia BIG members can earn a total of 4,000 RT Points* within 10 days (incl. signing up and successfully trading!) Remark: 1 RT Point = 1 BIG Point

    3.       Free Sign Up with No opening account Fee. Only require a NRIC or Passport.

    4.       Trade shares and pay the lowest brokerage fees in town*

    5.       Investment ideas issued daily from an inhouse research team.

    Click the Sign Up button

    Choose Combo Account (Cash Upfront + Contra Account)

    Fill up the fields and upload the necessary documents (NRIC and passport only)

    Your accounts will be activated within 2 business hours.

    Follow RT’s Rewards Eco System Steps (Earn up to 4,000 RT Points) and BIG Campaign (2,888 BIG Points)

    Convert your RT Points to BIG Points and plan your next vacation.

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