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Membership Agreement

This document is the contract between you, the BIG Member and BIG  Loyalty Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Think Big Digital Sdn Bhd), the  operator of the BIG Loyalty, and contains the terms and conditions  governing the use of the BIG Membership under the BIG Loyalty which is  binding on you.

These terms & conditions shall be applicable and binding on all  types of BIG Loyalty, including any co-branding arrangements with our  respective partners.

The BIG Loyalty is owned and operated by BIG Loyalty Sdn Bhd  (formerly known as Think BIG Digital Sdn Bhd) (“BIG”). The BIG Loyalty  is a loyalty and/or rewards programme whereby all AirAsia BIG Members  are issued with an BIG Member ID which can be used to earn BIG Points  under the BIG Loyalty, subject to the terms and conditions of this  Agreement.


To simplify this Agreement for you, the following definitions will apply:

"Account” or “AirAsia BIG Account" – your online loyalty account  containing details of your BIG Points earnings and redemption  transactions and any other related transaction with respect to the BIG  Loyalty

“AirAsia” –  a major shareholder of BIG and BIG’s affiliate and merchant partner under the AirAsia BIG

“AirAsia Website” – hosted by AirAsia

“BIG”, “BIG Company”, “BL”, “BIG Loyalty”, “we”, “us”, “our” – BIG  Loyalty Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Think Big Digital Sdn Bhd), owner and  operator of the BIG Loyalty or anyone who has been assigned such rights  by BIG

“BIG Points", “BIG Reward Points”, “BIGGIES”, “Loyalty Points” or  “Points” – loyalty and/or reward points that you earn when you use your  BIG Member ID under your BIG Membership at any merchant that has been  signed up by BIG under the BIG Loyalty, or for other initiatives or  under any other programme devised and/or managed by BIG from time to  time

 “BIG Loyalty ”, “Loyalty Programme”, “Rewards Programme” – the  loyalty and rewards programme owned, operated and administered by BIG  which now comes with the revamped features and benefits of BIG’s  Frequent Flyer Programme

“BIG Membership” or “Membership” – the loyalty membership that you obtain when you join the BIG Loyalty

“AirAsia BIG Redemption” or “Redemption” – the rewards and redemption programme by which BIG Members can redeem BIG Points

“BIG Member ID” or “BIG Member ID” or– the identification number assigned to you by BIG under the BIG Loyalty

 “AirAsia BIG Co Brand Credit Cards” or “AirAsia BIG Co-Brand Cards” –  co-branded payment cards [credit] issued by a bank or financial  institution in any territory under a co-branding business collaboration  and partnership with AirAsia (or its airline affiliates) and BIG

“AirAsia BIG Co-Brand Cardholder” or “Co-Brand Cardholder” – an  individual who has applied for and been issued with an AirAsia BIG  Co-Brand Card by the respective issuing bank or financial institution

“Eligible Family Member” – spouse, parents, siblings, children,  grandparents, grandchildren, in-laws, step parents and step children

“Frequent Flyer Programme” or “FFP” - the revamped features, benefits  and privileges of the BIG Loyalty which includes membership status and  accelerated earn

“GST” – Goods and Services Tax

“Member” or “BIG Member” – an individual who has personally  registered up for the BIG Membership and been issued an BIG Member ID  under the BIG Loyalty

"Merchant" – a retailer, partner or any other person, firm or  corporation that has been signed up by BIG under the BIG Loyalty for  issuance and earning of BIG Points by BIG Members

"Transactions" – all loyalty and point collection transactions  effected through the use of the BIG Member ID under the BIG Membership

"", "Website", “BIG Portal” “Portal” or "the Site"– the BIG Loyalty online portal and website

"You", "your" or "yours" – you, being the person registering for the  BIG Membership to become an BIG Member under the BIG Loyalty


By registering under the BIG Loyalty, you warrant and represent that:

All the personal information provided by you to us is true, correct  and complete; you acknowledge and agree that in order for us to provide  the services and privileges under the BIG Loyalty , to manage your  Account, and to enable you to participate in the BIG Loyalty , the  sharing, transfer, retrieval, updating and processing of your personal  information and data as well as creation of member profile and user  accounts may occur between BIG, AirAsia, and each of BIG and AirAsia’s  respective group companies, related corporations, affiliates,  subsidiaries, associates, and BIG’s, licensees, vendors, service  providers, merchants, strategic partners, any third party contractors,  within and beyond Malaysia (as further stated in BIG’s Privacy Policy),  and that you have read, understood and consented to the processing of  your personal information for the purposes of the same and accept all  the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and in connection  with your Membership under the BIG Loyalty , and they are binding on  you. 


Membership under the BIG Loyalty is open to all individuals globally.  You can register for BIG Membership online at the Website, mobile  application or via any other means/channels as determined by BIG from  time to time. We reserve the right to charge a membership fee at our  sole discretion. 

During the application process, you will be required to verify your  email address (Non-permanent or temporary email addresses are not  allowed for membership registration). If you do not verify your email  address within seventy-two (72) hours from the time you commenced the  application process, then your application for the Membership will be  incomplete and we will not be able to process or approve your  application. If you still wish to apply for the BIG Membership, you will  then have to make a fresh and new application at the Website. 

Each Member is only entitled to have one (1) Account. Members are not  allowed to have multiple Accounts and enrolment of several persons in a  single Account is also not allowed.

Whilst the registration for the Membership under the BIG Loyalty is  open to all customers, we reserve the right to reject ANY application  and/or to decline any application for the Membership at our sole and  absolute discretion without assigning any reasons whatsoever, and our  decision shall be final and conclusive.

Member may request merging of his/her Accounts if Member has multiple  Accounts. Prior to the merging of multiple Accounts, BIG will perform  authentication to verify that the BIG Member IDs belong to the same  Member. Upon successful authentication, Member needs to choose the  principle Account where all the BIG Points from the other Accounts will  be transferred into and merged. Merging of Accounts is final and cannot  be reversed. Once merging of Accounts is completed, the Member can only  redeem and access his Account from the principle Account and the merged  Accounts thereafter can only be used to earn BIG Points without  accessibility for any features including redemption of any privileges.  BIG Points that are awarded as a one-time bonus for registering and/or  joining the BIG Loyalty i.e. “welcome points” will not be transferred to  the principle Account pursuant to the merging of Accounts.

In the event of multiple Accounts held by Member, he/she may request  BIG to transfer his/her BIG Points between these multiple Accounts.  Subject to BIG performing authentication to verify that the BIG Member  IDs of these multiple Accounts belong to the same Member, the transfer  of BIG Points will be completed by BIG within a reasonable timeframe.

Membership Status

There are four (4) Membership status (“Status”) under AirAsia BIG  Loyalty’s Frequent Flyer Programme. The entry level is Red. Members may  progress to the higher status – Gold, Platinum and Black by earning  Qualifying Flown Sectors.

Qualifying Flown Sectors refers to the point where passengers first  board an aircraft and the passenger’s destination. Fly-Thru, which  refers to a process of transfer from one flight to another flight  without the need of going through the immigration process nor the need  to collect the baggage when taking two (2) different flights to reach  the final destination and stopping over at a transit station, is  computed as two (2) Qualifying Flown Sectors.

No Qualifying Flown Sectors and/or BIG Points awarded for redemption  on all AirAsia flights (including any ancillary booking) through BIG  Points and/or BIG Points plus cash at

Qualifying Flown Sectors and/or BIG Points are earned through paid  travels at on all AirAsia flights. Refer to the  Qualifying Flown Sectors below;

Table A*

Status Name

Qualifying Flown Sectors


≥ 50


24 – 49


14 – 23


0 – 13

*Table A above may be subject to change from time to time at BIG’s sole and absolute discretion. 

Short  haul flight(s) are counted as one (1) Qualifying Flown Sector. Long  haul flight(s) including fly-thru are counted as two (2) Qualifying  Flown Sector(s).

Qualifying Flown Sectors are not earned for the following:

  • Passenger no show for the relevant flight;
  • AirAsia flights redeemed through; or
  • Non-revenue fare class such as charter flights, staff related benefits and duty travel.

Black Membership status also includes Members who have been personally invited by BIG following internal review and approval. 

Membership Status Promotion

Membership  Status promotion or upgrade for Members will be implemented immediately  upon satisfaction of the Qualifying Flown Sectors. Membership Status  promotion or upgrade for Co-Brand Credit Cardholders will be enforced  immediately upon satisfaction of the Qualifying Flown Sectors or the  bank and airline minimum spend criteria as shown below in Table C.

Membership Status promotion or upgrade will be reflected in the system on the 1st day of the subsequent month.  The promotion or upgrade date does not  supersede the Membership Status review date which is done at the end of  every calendar year i.e. the calculation period for the number of  Qualifying Flown Sectors to determine the Membership Status will be  based on the past twelve (12) months.

Membership Status Demotion

Membership  Status demotion for Members will be enforced at the end of every  calendar year upon review of the Qualifying Flown Sectors flown by the  Member. Membership Status demotion for Co-Brand Credit Cardholders will  be carried on the anniversary month of the relevant Co-Brand Credit  Card.

Membership Status demotion will be reflected in the system by the 15th day of the subsequent month.

AirAsia BIG Credit Co-Brand Cardholders

BIG  Member who is also an AirAsia BIG Credit Co-Brand Cardholder will  automatically be placed under Platinum Membership Status by default upon  the launch of the revamped FFP by BIG (to be determined at its sole  discretion). In order to retain Platinum Membership status, every  AirAsia BIG Credit Co-Brand Cardholders will be reviewed for  requalification of Platinum Membership status on the anniversary month  of the relevant Co-Brand Credit Card and he/she would need to meet the  following criteria as below during the first full twelve (12) months  anniversary:

  • (a) Achieving the relevant bank’s and AirAsia’s  and/or its affiliate airline’s minimum spend criteria as stipulated  under the Table B* below:

Table B*


Product Type/Co-Brand Cards


Bank Minimum Spend1

Airline Minimum Spend2











*Table B above may be subject to change from time to time at BIG’s sole and absolute discretion.


1 – Bank Minimum Spend covers all spend including but not limited to utilities bills, petrol transactions, insurance bills etc;

2  – Airline Minimum Spend covers all spend including base fare, special  service request, airport tax, goods and services tax (“GST”), processing  fee etc.

  • (b) Flown from twenty four (24) to forty nine (49) Qualifying Flown Sectors flights with AirAsia and its affiliates.

A  Member who is an AirAsia BIG Credit Co-Brand Cardholder, who is not  able to satisfy criteria (a) or (b) as stipulated above, will be placed  in the default status pursuant to the Qualifying Flown Sectors flown in  the preceding twelve (12) months.

Every Member is only entitled to  hold one (1) AirAsia BIG Credit Co-Brand Card and the review of the  Membership Status will be based on the joining date (when they were  issued with their cards) of the first AirAsia BIG Credit Co-Brand Card  which will supersede the BIG Membership joining or registration date.


The BIG Membership is a lifetime membership programme.

Use of BIG Membership and BIG Member ID

Once  you receive your BIG Member ID, you may use it to earn BIG Points at  any Merchant that has been signed up by BIG under the BIG Loyalty for  points issuance. The Membership and BIG Member ID is non-transferable  and shall only be used by you as the Member.

You should frequently review your Account to check and verify your current BIG Points balance.

By  subscribing for the Membership, you agree and undertake:- (a) not to  use the BIG Member ID for any unlawful and/or fraudulent activities ;  (b) not to engage in misconduct or breach any rules governing the  BIG  Loyalty, including, but not limited to the fraudulent acquisition or  earning of BIG Points or sale/redemption or abuse of BIG Points or  acquisition, sale/redemption or abuse of any benefits; and (c) to only  use the BIG Member ID in accordance with the terms and conditions of  this Agreement. If we find that your BIG Member ID has been used for  unauthorized commercial activities with a view to profit, unlawful or  fraudulent activity or purposes which are unacceptable to us, we shall  be entitled to suspend, block and/or terminate your Membership  (including forfeiture of accumulated BIG Points and blocking of your BIG  Member ID under the BIG Loyalty) immediately without prior notice to  you.

BIG Member

The Member is the  individual who personally registers for Membership under the BIG Loyalty  and has been issued with a BIG Member ID. As a Member, you will be able  to earn BIG Points at all designated Merchants who have been signed up  by BIG under the BIG Loyalty for points issuance, and also to access and  view your BIG Points balance and transaction history online at the  Website.

If the applicant for the Membership is below 18 years  old, the parent and/or guardian of the minor needs to complete the  application form for Membership for and on behalf of the minor and the  parent’s and/or guardian’s information has to be updated in the Website.  Upon the minor turning 18 years of age, he/she is deemed to have  personally accepted all the terms and conditions for the Membership.

Services and/or Products

We  may from time to time introduce new services, offers or programmes in  relation to your Membership under the BIG Loyalty that offer promotional  items or other special terms as we may apply from time to time to a  category of transactions. We will tell you of the terms and conditions  of such services, offers or programmes at the time of the introduction  of the services, offers or programmes (if any). The terms and conditions  of such services, offers and programmes are binding on you as if the  same are contained here. More than one service(s), offer or programme  may apply to your Membership under the BIG Loyalty at the same time. We  are entitled to introduce and terminate any such service, offer or  programmes from time to time at our absolute discretion.

BIG Points

You  can use your BIG Member ID under your Membership to earn and collect  BIG Points at any Merchants registered under BIG or under any other  initiatives or under any other programmes devised, introduced, offered  and or managed by BIG from time to time.

Any retrospective claim  by a Member is strictly subject to the terms and conditions contained  herein and Merchant’s terms and conditions and up to the maximum  timeframe of sixty (60) days from the date of flight departure/flown.  The final discretion to award BIG Points on any retrospective claim rest  solely with BIG. No retrospective claim is allowed by any Member who  failed to register as a BIG Member at the time of flight  departure/flown. Retrospective claim will be processed by BIG within  fourteen (14) days from the date of request by Member that includes all  necessary information/documentation as requested/required by BIG to  process such a claim. 

Without prejudice to the above, we shall  not be responsible for the refusal of any Merchant to honor or accept  your BIG Member ID.

The BIG Points earn structure varies by each  Merchant. The full list of merchants and BIG Points earn structure is  available on the Website.

BIG Points award on all currencies will  be based in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) at the foreign exchange rate as  solely determined by BIG. 

Please take note that for AirAsia  flights, you may earn AirAsia BIG Points on certain flights only subject  to AirAsia’s terms and conditions.

The BIG Points earn structure  may be subject to change from time to time as determined by BIG. BIG  reserves the right to add, remove, substitute or change Merchants and  the BIG Points issuance, conversion or redemption structure from time to  time at our sole and absolute discretion.

BIG Points earned will  be posted to your Account based on the respective Merchant’s own terms  and conditions (and the Merchant’s stipulated time frame stated in their  terms and conditions). This means that the number of days as to when  the BIG Points will be credited and reflected in your Account, will  depend on the respective Merchant that you have earned points at. Hence,  for avoidance of doubt, the time period for BIG Points to be credited  and reflected in your Account varies from Merchant to Merchant and will  depend on the respective Merchant themselves. Accordingly, BIG assumes  no control, responsibility or liability as to the time period or the  award and crediting of BIG Points from the respective merchants to the  Members.

Adjustments will be made to the BIG Points accrued in the  Member’s Account if there are any credit(s) or debit(s) posted to the  Member’s Account, including those arising from returned goods or service  fees from billing disputes. Any disputed transactions/billings will not  be credited with BIG Points. BIG reserves the right to change, at any  time without prior notice, the number of BIG Points and where  applicable, the number of BIG Points plus Ringgit value that are  required to be redeemed for any of the items provided under the AirAsia  BIG Redemption programme.

You acknowledge that BIG assumes no  contractual or legal responsibility to you and has specifically limited  its legal obligations in its arrangements with the respective suppliers,  Merchants and partners under the BIG Loyalty. The accumulation of BIG  Points does not entitle a Member to any vested rights. In earning and  accumulating BIG Points, Members understand that they may not rely on  the continued availability of any award, premium, or other benefit. BIG  will not be responsible for any delay in the posting of the transactions  and/or the accrual of the BIG Points.

All BIG Points accumulated  will be reflected in the Members Account activities list on the Website.  Members may view their BIG Points under the activities list at the  Website. Any disputes arising over the BIG Points statement must be  notified to us within one (1) month from the date of the relevant  statement. You must provide us with supporting documents wherever  applicable to assist us in settling any disputes. If we do not receive  any notifications from you within the stipulated time frame of any  disputes or inaccuracies in your BIG Points activities list, the  statement will be taken to be correct, final and binding on the Member.  BIG’s decision on any such disputes are final and conclusive.

Accelerated Earn Rate and Structure

BIG  Points are awarded for travel on AirAsia flights in accordance with  their corresponding fare class and Membership status at the time of  departure of flight (not date of booking of flight) as follows: 

Table C*

Membership Status





Flight Requirement (sectors)
0- 13 Qualifying Flights
14-23 Qualifying Flights
24-49 Qualifying Flights
≥ 50 Qualifying Flights
Low Fare
Earn up to 1.5X points
Earn up to 3X points
Earn up to 5.5X points
Earn up to 10X points
Premium Flex/ Premium Flat Bed
 2X points
 4X points
7X points
12X points
( example of points earned based on RM100 flight)
Low Fare
Earn up to 150 points
Earn up to 300 points
Earn up to 550 points
Earn up to 1000 points
Premium Flex/ Premium Flat Bed
200 points
 400 points
 700 points
1200 points

* Table C above may be subject to change from time to time at BIG’s sole and absolute discretion. 

Qualifying  Flown Sectors are awarded to Members on any promotional fares but  Members do not qualify to earn BIG Points on any promotional fares. A  Member who is upgraded to a different class of travel without a  reissuance of their flight ticket will receive BIG Points for the fare  the Member purchased, as reflected on the ticket.

Validity Period of BIG Points

Effective 1st January 2017, AirAsia BIG Points will remain valid for a period of  thirty-six (36) months from the date of last activity and the total BIG  Points balance in Member’s Account will automatically expire at the end  of the 36th consecutive month for which the Member has not  earned or redeemed any BIG Points. The expired BIG Points will be  deducted from the Member’s Account. There will be no extension period or  further time frame given for the redemption of any unused and expired  BIG Points, unless otherwise determined or approved by BIG.

In  addition to the standard validity period of BIG Points as stated above,  BIG also retains the discretion to configure a different expiry date for  different types of BIG Points that are awarded under specific  promotions/campaigns which may have a different validity period as  determined by BIG from time to time.

The following types of  activities are EXCLUDED for the purposes of calculation of a valid  activity pursuant to earning or redemption of BIG Points:-

  • Any  BIG Points deducted from Member’s Account as part of fees for any  related transactions pursuant to the terms and conditions of BIG  Loyalty;
  • Transfer of BIG Points; or
  • Any adjustment of credit due to failed or disputed transactions.


All  Members with AirAsia BIG accounts in good standing and with sufficient  BIG Points are eligible to redeem reward(s) and may do so using the  various redemption methods implemented by BIG. The rewards and  redemption programme consist of, but not limited to:-

  • Flight redemptions i.e. AirAsia flights. This may include AirAsia ancillary products redemption.
  • Non-flight  redemption – other rewards, benefits, services, merchandise or other  redemption items introduced or offered by BIG from time to time.

When  a Member redeems his BIG Points for any redemption items (including but  not limited to AirAsia flights), BIG will proceed to deduct the  stipulated number of BIG Points required for the said redemption item  from the Member’s Account and will hold the BIG Points (for a period as  deemed necessary by BIG) until the full payment for the said redemption  item (including any balance of payment for the redemption item and taxes  that may be due to BIG and/or the respective Merchant) is completed by  the Member and a successful payment confirmation is provided by the  respective Merchant to BIG. BIG will proceed to credit back the  previously held BIG Points to the Member’s Account upon receipt of an  unsuccessful payment confirmation from the respective Merchant.

Suspected  or actual fraud and/or suspected or actual abuse relating to the  accumulation of BIG Points under the BIG Loyalty may result in  forfeiture of accumulated BIG Points, cancellation of the Member’s BIG  Member ID as well as cancellation of a Membership and the Member’s  participation in the BIG Loyalty.

BIG Points may also be deducted from the Member’s BIG Points balance in the following circumstances:

  1. Any BIG Points suspected to be fraudulently recorded;
  2. Any BIG Points recorded in error; and
  3. Any BIG Points relating to a transaction which is or has been cancelled.

BIG  Members are prohibited from engaging in willful misconduct or breach of  any rules governing the BIG Loyalty, including, but not limited to the  fraudulent acquisition or earning of BIG Points or sale/redemption or  abuse of BIG Points or acquisition, sale/redemption or abuse of any  benefits. BIG reserves the right to suspend, block and/or terminate the  Member’s BIG Member ID as well as the BIG Membership and to immediately  cancel any such transaction and/or redemption made by the Member.

BIG reserves the right to deduct any BIG Points as stated above without prior notification to Members.

Conditions for BIG Points Redemption:

  • Members  Accounts must be in good standing and not cancelled, suspended or  terminated (either by us or by the Member) at the time of a redemption  request;
  • Request for redemption by Members with insufficient redemption BIG Points will not be processed;
  • When  the Member redeems his/her BIG Points, the BIG Points earned will be  deducted by chronological and date order so that the earliest expiring  BIG Points will be redeemed first to be followed by earliest accumulated  Points;
  • Upon redeeming a reward, the Member releases BIG from  any and all liabilities to the Member or any guest of the Member in  respect of the redemption or use of such reward redeemed under the BIG  Loyalty ;
  • BIG shall not be responsible for any defect or deficiency in the goods or services supplied to you by any Merchants;
  • Any  dispute concerning goods and services received as a reward under the  BIG Loyalty shall be settled between the Member and the Merchant,  service establishment and/or supplier, which supplied the goods or  services. BIG will bear no responsibility for resolving such disputes,  or for the dispute itself;
  • The BIG Points earned have no cash or monetary value;
  • Any  redemption request made and ordered by the Member, once accepted by  BIG, cannot be revoked, cancelled, changed, returned or exchanged by the  Member. All BIG Points that have been redeemed will not be credited  back into the Member’s Account;
  • BIG gives no representation or  warranty with respect to any type of rewards under the redemption  programme, whether flights or products and/or services offered up for  redemption. BIG gives no warranty with respect to the quality of the  products offered for redemption or their suitability or fitness for any  purpose;
  • BIG assumes no responsibility and shall not be held  liable for any claims, losses, costs, expenses or damages of whatever  nature resulting from the redemption of any of the rewards by Members;
  • Information  supplied for the redemption of rewards under the Redemption Programme  may be used by BIG or the service establishment that provides the  rewards for its/their administrative, public relations and marketing  purposes;
  • All rewards redeemed are subject to the availability  and any restrictions may apply as to where and when the rewards can be  redeemed (please note that BIG or service establishments may impose the  restrictions accordingly);
  • Any additional meals, transportation  or accommodation or other arrangements made in connection with any  reward redeemed under the BIG Loyalty  will be the sole responsibility  of the Member;
  • Redemption or issuance of reward voucher(s) (if  applicable) does not constitute a reservation with the said service  establishments. The Member is still responsible for making all  reservations and notifying the participating service establishments of  the reward(s) they are going to redeem. Such reward vouchers/letters of  redemption are valid for use until the date specified on the rewards  vouchers/letters of redemption. If unused after the specified date, the  reward vouchers/letters of redemption will lapse and no longer be valid  and will not be replaced. The use of the reward vouchers/letter of  redemption(s) is subject to the additional or respective terms and  conditions contained therein;
  • Reward(s) and/or reward vouchers  that have been redeemed by the Member are not exchangeable for other  rewards, not refundable, not replaceable and not transferable for cash  or credit under any circumstances;
  • BIG will not (a) replace, or  (b) assist a Member by placing a hold or freeze status on any misplaced,  lost or stolen reward vouchers or tickets under any circumstances  whatsoever.

Redemption for Eligible Family Members (“EFM”) via Fly with Family programme

Effective 1st January 2017, a Member can nominate up to a maximum of ten (10) EFM at  any one time to be in the Member’s redemption group called Fly with  Family. This also includes a child who is treated like an adult.

A Member may redeem BIG Points for an EFM under Fly with Family programme, on the following basis:

  • The AirAsia BIG Member must specify the name and nature of his/her relationship with the EFM that they are redeeming for;
  • Any  redemption made for an EFM under Fly with Family programme cannot be  reversed or cancelled by either the Member completing the redemption or  the EFM; and
  • BIG shall not be responsible for any incorrect  redemptions made and in such circumstances will not refund any BIG  Points incorrectly or mistakenly deducted.

AirAsia BIG  Members can change or remove EFM’s under their Fly with Family programme  redemption group ONCE A YEAR regardless of the number of EFM’s changed  or removed. No further changes to the Member’s EFM under Fly with Family  programme will be permitted thereafter during the same year.

New,  additional or replacement EFM’s are eligible for redemption benefits  under Fly with Family programme once their names are registered in a  Member’s Membership Account as an EFM under Fly with Family programme.  This may take up to fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the  nomination(s) by BIG.

BIG Points can only be redeemed after being  reflected in the Member’s Account. Redemption of rewards with  insufficient BIG Points will not be processed. BIG will not be  responsible for any delay in the posting of the transactions and/or the  accrual of the BIG Points. There is NO TRIAL PERIOD for all reward items  redeemed. All redemptions are subject to the accumulation of sufficient  BIG Points and subject to BIG’s final acceptance. Orders will be  cancelled automatically in the event of insufficient BIG Points. Prices  and redemption BIG Points printed are correct at time of print and are  subject to change without prior notice.

BIG’s failure to enforce  particular terms and conditions regarding the BIG Points and/or under  the BIG Loyalty does not constitute a waiver of those terms and  conditions by BIG.

BIG reserves the right to change, substitute or  terminate any of the redemption rewards and redeemable items under the  BIG Loyalty at any time with or without prior notice.

Unauthorized Use of BIG Member ID

In  the event of unauthorized use of your BIG Member ID, you should notify  us through web form, email, Facebook, Twitter or Weibo. We may block the  redemption function of your accumulated BIG Points upon receipt of your  notification. You should then send a confirmation in writing to us.

We  shall not be responsible or be held liable for any disputes or loss  suffered by you in relation to any transactions incurred from  unauthorized usage of your BIG Member ID. You shall be and remain liable  for all transactions incurred from unauthorized usage of the BIG Member  ID, where investigations made by us reveal that you are a party to any  actions regarding any transactions effected through the use of your BIG  Member ID by any unauthorized person. Without prejudice to our rights  and notwithstanding that you may have exercised all reasonable  precaution to prevent the unauthorized use of your BIG Member ID, you  shall remain liable to us if you have acted fraudulently.

Disclosure of Passwords, Unauthorized Access

If  you wish to update your profile and personal data, including but not  limited to, mailing address, contact details, phone numbers, email  address, and other personal particulars, you need to log in to your  Account and update your profile and personal data directly. These  updates may take up to twenty-four (24) hours before it is reflected in  your Account details. You shall at all times keep all your passwords and  security codes, security questions, security answers (including but not  limited to those used for verification and authorization purposes and  for access into your Account) secret and you shall use all reasonable  precautions to prevent disclosure of the same to any unauthorized  person, or third party. We shall not be responsible and shall not be  liable for any loss suffered or in relation to the BIG Points  transactions on your Account (whether online at the Website or for any  unauthorized transactions on your Membership and BIG Member ID), if you  disclose any of your passwords, security codes, security questions,  security answers or any of your personal details to unauthorized parties  or third parties.

Fees and Charges

By  entering into this Agreement, you agree and undertake to pay all fees  arising out of and in connection with the BIG Loyalty  including costs,  expenses, and any other applicable taxes (including GST), duties and  levies, where and if applicable. We reserve the right to charge any fees  that may be applicable for any services provided under the BIG Loyalty  (in the form of deduction of BIG Points or via cash payment) as we may  determine from time to time, and to revise such fees or to charge  additional fees (if applicable) for new services which may be offered by  us from time to time. All fees paid to or in connection with the BIG  Loyalty to us are non-refundable under any circumstances whatsoever. For  full details of any applicable fees, please refer to our Website.

Transaction History

Transaction  history in the form of activities list detailing your BIG Points, shall  be available online under your Account profile on the Website. The  activities list is ONLY accessible by the Member by using his/her own  user ID, password (and security hint question where applicable). All  entries in the transaction history are deemed true and accurate unless  you inform us of any error, exception, dispute or unauthorized  transaction within one (1) month from the date of the transaction. If we  do not receive any written notification from you concerning any error  in the transaction history within the stipulated timeframe, the  statement shall be deemed true, complete and accurate, and you shall  then be deemed to have accepted the entries in the transaction history  made up to the date of the last entry in the transaction history as  final and conclusive.

In the event the investigations and  verifications conducted by us reveal that the disputed transaction(s)  (BIG Points accumulated) were accurate, you shall be liable to indemnify  us against all the other costs, expenses & charges that we may  incur in the verification processes of the disputed transactions/BIG  Points accumulated. Our findings in any investigation conducted shall be  conclusive, final and binding on you and shall not be opened for  questioning in any event.


We  shall be entitled from time to time to contact you via electronic  transmission (including, but not limited to email communication, telex,  fax), short messaging services (‘SMS”), or via telephone correspondence,  and any other means of exchange communication in respect of, but not  limited to, the confirmation of transactions, whether or not you  transacted the same, status of your Membership, your Account, BIG  Points, and communication on promotions with regards the BIG Loyalty.  BIG, AirAsia and/or Tune Money shall also be entitled to send you  offers, promotional and marketing material with regards the BIG Loyalty  from time to time. Any telephone calls placed by us to you will not be  deemed as unsolicited calls by you. From time to time we may monitor  and/or record telephone calls between you and us. You agree that the  monitoring and/or recording may be done and that no additional notice to  you or additional approval from you is required.

Events of Default

We  may suspend, block, revoke and/or terminate your Membership, your  access to the Website, your participation in the BIG Loyalty, your BIG  Member ID and/or any of the services offered (including the forfeiture  of accumulated BIG Points) with or without prior notice notwithstanding  that we may have waived our rights on some previous occasion upon the  occurrences of any or more of the following events, including but not  limited to:–

if you use your Membership and BIG Member ID for any  unlawful activities; or if you commit or threaten to commit a default or  breach of any terms or conditions set out in this Agreement; or if you  have furnished false or misleading information or data to us, including  false information concerning your personal information and details; or  if in our absolute opinion, your Account has not been operated  satisfactorily or used for fraudulent purposes; or if we have noticed  irregular, suspicious or unauthorized activity in relation to  accumulation of BIG Points; or if an event or events has or have  occurred or a situation exists which should or might in our opinion  prejudice your ability to perform your obligations under this Agreement;  or if we in our absolute discretion decide to cancel or terminate the  use of your Membership, your participation in the BIG Loyalty , your BIG  Member ID, or if there has been suspected or actual fraud and/or  suspected or actual abuse relating to the accumulation of BIG Points by  you. In such circumstances, any accumulated BIG Points shall be  forfeited and we shall cancel your Membership, your BIG Member ID and,  your participation in the BIG Loyalty. We reserve the right to take any  action against you as may be deemed necessary or as may be required  under governing laws or by the relevant governing authorities.

We  reserve all rights to decline or terminate your application for  Membership under the BIG Loyalty at our sole discretion without any  prior notice to you if we find that you have furnished false or  misleading information to us concerning your personal information and  details.

Cancellation of Use

We may at our  sole and absolute discretion, limit, block, suspend or terminate your  Membership and your participation under the BIG Loyalty and the BIG  Member ID (including the forfeiture of accumulated BIG Points), if we  detect any unusual, irregular, suspicious, fraudulent or unauthorized  activity with regards to your Membership, Account and/or BIG Points; or  there is a contravention; non-adherence or breach of any of the  provisions of this Agreement. We shall have the right to withdraw at our  absolute discretion, all or any of the facilities provided by us  (including those under the BIG Loyalty, including the termination of the  BIG Member ID and forfeiture of any accumulated BIG Points) in  connection with the use of your Membership at any time with or without  notice and without assigning any reasons for it.

If we detect  unusual, irregular, suspicious, unauthorized or fraudulent activity on  your Account, we may reject the Transaction, suspend the Account and/or  block the use of your BIG Member ID immediately as  security/precautionary measures (with or without prior notice to you)  until we can verify the activity.

Voluntary Cancellation of BIG Membership

You  may at any time of your own accord cancel your Membership by sending a  notice in writing and/or email notification to us. We will then  terminate your Membership and your participation under the BIG Loyalty,  and your BIG Member ID will no longer be valid for use to earn and/or  redeem BIG Points. The cancellation of your Membership is an  irreversible process and the cancelled Membership cannot be reinstated  in any way whatsoever. Any BIG Points accumulated and/or remaining in  your Account at the time of cancellation will be forfeited.

Variation of Terms

We  may at any time vary, revise, amend, withdraw, substitute, add or  remove any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The revised or  new terms will apply, including, without limitation, to all future  transactions using the Membership and the BIG Member ID and redemptions  of BIG Points under the BIG Loyalty. The revised terms and conditions  will take effect upon the same being posted on the Website. In addition,  we may issue a notice to you concerning any revision to the terms and  conditions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, advance notice of any change  may not be given if it is necessary to make any such change immediately.  Any amendments, alterations, additions, withdrawals and/or termination  changes may affect BIG Points which a Member has already accumulated as  well as any future accumulation of BIG Points. The retention or use of  your Membership or BIG Member ID or redemption of BIG Points after the  effective date of any variation, revision or change of terms and  conditions shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of such variation,  revision or change without reservation by you.

If you do not  accept the proposed variation, revision or change, you are entitled to  terminate the use of your Membership under the BIG Loyalty by contacting  us, and the provisions relating to termination above shall apply.

Notwithstanding  the above, BIG specifically reserves the right to withdraw or terminate  the Membership and the BIG Loyalty (in whole or in part), any programme  or benefit thereunder at any time with 3 months prior notice to  Members.

We advise you to check the terms and conditions regularly  whenever you visit the Website to ensure that you are aware of our  latest terms and conditions.


You  irrevocably consent to the sharing and disclosure of your personal  information (including details related to your Membership, Account, BIG  Member ID, BIG Points, transactions and any details under the BIG  Loyalty ) to BIG, AirAsia, Tune Money and each of their respective group  companies, related corporations, affiliates, subsidiaries, associates;  and BIG’s, Tune Money’s and AirAsia’s licensees, vendors, service  providers, merchants, strategic partners, any third party contractors,  within and beyond Malaysia (as further stated in BIG’s Privacy Policy).  You further consent to the processing and disclosure of your personal  information (including details related to your Membership, Account, BIG  Member ID, BIG Points, transactions and any details under the BIG  Loyalty ) and any other information which may be necessary to facilitate  the processing of any transaction affected or to be affected through  the use of your Membership, Account and BIG Member ID to Merchants and  other parties involved in the BIG Loyalty and providing services in  relation to the same.

We shall also be entitled to disclose and  you irrevocably consent to our disclosure of any information pertaining  to you, your Membership, your Account, your BIG Member ID, your BIG  Points and any other information relating to you under the BIG Loyalty  to any regulatory authority or governing body established by any  authority having jurisdiction over us.

In particular, you further  understand and acknowledge that we are entitled and need to share and  disclose your information to AirAsia and Tune Money for the purposes of  the BIG Loyalty. If we do not have your personal information or you  choose not to disclose or share any information that we may require, we  may not be able to provide or continue to provide the services and  benefits under the BIG Loyalty to you, and we will not be obliged,  responsible or held liable for the failure to provide the same (and/or  any disputes in relation thereto).

Any disclosure by us of the  information referred to in this provision will not render us liable to  you for any claim, loss, damage (including direct or indirect damages or  loss of profits or savings) or liability howsoever arising whether in  contract, negligence, or any other basis arising from or in relation to:  the release or disclosure of the information by us; and/or the  information being incorrect, erroneous or misstated; and/or reliance on  the information, whether caused by us or other third party's omission,  misstatement, negligence or default or by technical, hardware or  software failures of any kind, interruption, error, omission, viruses,  delay in updating or notifying any changes in the information or  otherwise howsoever.

Costs and Expenses

You  hereby agree that if we take legal proceedings against you because of a  default in the terms of this Agreement, you shall be liable to pay to  us all legal costs (including costs on a solicitor and client basis),  charges and expenses which we may incur in enforcing or seeking to  enforce any of the provisions of this Agreement against you.


You  shall hold us harmless and indemnify us against any liability for loss,  damage, costs and expenses (legal or otherwise including all costs on a  solicitor and client basis) which we may incur by reason of the  provisions herein or in the enforcement of our rights hereunder.

Service and/or Notification

You  irrevocably consent to the service of any documents, materials, product  materials, notice or statement hereunder by ordinary post to your last  known address in our records and such service shall be deemed effective  on the 5th day after posting.

You hereby agree that if any action  is begun in the courts in Malaysia in respect of this Agreement, the  legal process and other documents may be served by posting the documents  to you at your last known address in our records and such service shall  on the 5th day after posting, be deemed to be good and sufficient  service of such process or documents.

Any notice or other document  to be given under this Agreement and all other communications by you to  us with respect to the legal process shall be in writing and may be  given or sent by hand, or registered post to us at the address set out  below or to such other address as we may give notice to you:–

By Mail or Hand To:

BIG Loyalty Sdn Bhd , Unit 19-04-02, Level 4, Wisma Tune, 19 Lorong Dungun, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Our  acceptance of any terms or any waiver by us of our rights or any  indulgence granted to you shall not operate to prevent us from enforcing  any of our rights hereunder this Agreement nor shall such acceptance  operate as consent to the modification of any of the terms of this  Agreement in any respect. We may, at our discretion from time to time  without notice, waive our rights under this Agreement in certain  circumstances. We can waive our rights without affecting our other  rights. If we waive any right, we do not waive the same in other  circumstances.

The rights and remedies provided in this Agreement are cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by law.


We  shall be entitled at any time without your consent to assign the whole  or any part of our rights or obligations under this Agreement with or  without notice to you. This Agreement, Membership and BIG Member ID  shall not be assigned by you to any other third party without our  written consent.

Severability of Provisions

If  any of the provisions of this Agreement becomes or is determined to be  invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any law, rule or  regulation, the remaining terms of this Agreement shall not be affected,  and all other provisions of this Agreement will still be valid and  enforceable and this Agreement shall be interpreted as if the invalid  terms had not been included in this Agreement.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This  Agreement is a contract made under the laws of Malaysia and shall be  governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia. You  consent and agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts  of Malaysia concerning all matters arising out of or in connection with  your use of the Membership under this Agreement.

Notification of Change

You  should always ensure that you provide us with your most updated and  current personal particulars and information concerning your mailing and  correspondence/permanent address, contact number, electronic mail  address and other required details in order to ensure that your records  with us are kept up to date, complete and accurate. If any information  supplied by you changes during the course of your Membership with us,  you shall promptly update your Account accordingly (especially with  regards your mailing, permanent, correspondence or office address,  electronic mail address or contact number) to enable us to update your  details in our records. Failure to do so may result in information  requested by you via mail regarding the BIG Loyalty being sent to the  wrong person or wrong address. Any notice given by us shall be deemed  given to you if sent by electronic or postal mail to the last known  mailing/correspondence address of you, the Member as shown on our  records. We shall NOT accept any notification of addresses' (business,  office, residential or correspondence address) bearing a Post Box ("P.O.  Box") number.

Conflict Between English Text And Other

If  there is any conflict or discrepancy between the English text of terms  and conditions of this Agreement and any translation thereof, the  English text shall prevail.

Use of Website

Terms  of Use. In addition to the foregoing terms and conditions, when you use  our Website, the terms of use of Website shall apply  in addition to and not in substitution for any terms and conditions  contained in this Agreement.

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