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Stay connected even at 10,000ft in the air!

Never miss a beat, even at 10,000ft! ROKKI Wi-Fi keeps you online and entertained throughout your AirAsia flight. Whether it’s enjoying free entertainment (movies, travel guides, games, and more!), shopping exclusive deals, or using paid Internet access for your favourite apps, there’s something...

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Check ROKKI out!

  • Connectivity Plans

    Earn 25 BIG Points per purchase or top up  of 3MB Chats Plan
    Earn 50 BIG Points per purchase or top up of 10MB Internet Plan
    Earn 200 BIG Points per purchase or top up of 50MB Internet Plan

    Other products
    Earn 1 AirAsia BIG Point for every MYR 1 spent on other products, not including connectivity plans.

    Turn on Wi-Fi on board ROKKI-enabled flights. Please ensure that your device is on "Flight Mode" when enabling Wi-Fi.  
    (ROKKI Wi-Fi is available on selected AirAsia flights only)

    Connect to "FREE AirAsia ROKKi Wi-FI" once the seatbelt sign has been switched off after take-off. 

    Key in on web browser to be directed to the ROKKI Portal. 

    Connect to your BIG Member account on the ROKKI Portal.

    Start shopping and complete your purchase! BIG Points will be credited into your BIG Member account within 7 days from your purchase of connectivity plans and other products.  

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    Mabuhay, BIG Members! Remember to login to ROKKI to claim your FREE 3MB Chats Plan!

    This Chats Plan will allow you to use your favourite apps on board! Redeem it with these simple steps:

    Step 1: Board a Wi-Fi enabled AirAsia Z2 flight

    Step 2: Connect to 'Free AirAsia ROKKI Wi-Fi' and visit

    Step 3: Login with your BIG Member ID

    Step 4: Redeem your FREE 3MB Chats Plan

    Step 5: You're connected at 30,000 feet!

    Now you can use Whatsapp, WeChat, LINE, KakaoTalk & Viber apps onboard without any charges. So go on and say 'Mabuhay!' to those on the ground and let them know you're safely onboard.