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  1. This AirAsia BIG (AAB) Gift Cards and/or eGift Cards (hereinafter referred to as the “Card”) is issued by BIGLIFE Sdn. Bhd.    (“BIG”), being the owner and operator of the BIG Loyalty Program.

  2. This Card is valid for redemption at only.

  3. This Card is valid for redemption/ utilisation within 180 days from the date specified within the Card   (“Validity Period”).

  4. Any Card not redeemed within the Validity Period shall expire upon expiry of the Validity Period

  5. No refund, replacement or cash back would be considered against the Card. Once this Card is issued, BIG  will not entertain any request for cancellation.

  6. BIG shall not be not be responsible for any defect or deficiency of the goods or services by the participating merchants. 

  7. Any redemption request made by the bearer of this Card, once accepted by BIG, cannot be revoked, cancelled, changed, returned or exchanged for cash.

  8. Any dispute raised concerning goods and services received by or supplied shall be settled between the purchaser of the Card and the respective merchants. BIG will bear no responsibility for resolving such disputes, or for the dispute itself.

  9. This Card is for one-time use only and not partially redeemable. If the cost of the goods and/or services purchased exceeds the redeemable value of the Card, the bearer of the Card is required to pay (by way of cash, BIG Points top-up or any other means approved by BIG) the difference between the purchase price of the goods and/or services and the value of the Card.

  10. This Card cannot be exchanged for a Card of a different denomination, nor can the unused value of two or more Cards be consolidated on a new e-voucher.

  11. No refund request for redemption will be entertained.

  12. This Card is equivalent to cash. BIG is not responsible for and will not replace any lost or stolen digital or physical Cards.

  13. Any dispute with regards to the Card must be referred to BIG and the decision of BIG shall be final.

  14. Lost, tapered or duplicate Card is not acceptable or replaceable.

  15. BIG reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice

  16. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Malaysia. 

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Last Updated on 7 September 2020